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USA & Beyond

Dear White House,

By Craig MayberryOn Aug 07, 2009

(sent to flag@whitehouse.gov seeking clarification before I report on people providing erroneous information on health care reform) How are we suppose to know what is erroneous information about [...]

The Public Health Care Option

By Craig MayberryOn Jul 15, 2009

The big debate in Congress is now the health care. A number of months ago I posted another option and will repost that again in the next few weeks. The [...]

Reunions, Reprobates and Sarah Palin

By John LesowOn Jul 06, 2009

Note: This article was originally posted on September 7, 2008, shortly after John McCain announced he had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. The negative responses emanating from the [...]

Shocking Revelation: President Impotent

By g.h.kirschOn May 14, 2009

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, asks, “What do you suppose it is like to be elected president of the United States only to find that [...]

Coming Up - The Weather

By g.h.kirschOn May 14, 2009

Events have forced those who earlier warned of global warming to modulate their hysteria and instead ring the alarm for catastrophic “climate change” instead. Why the nuance? If [...]

Bait and Switch

By g.h.kirschOn May 06, 2009

While after a hundred days the Obama administration may be spinnin' and grinnin', the rising chorus of criticism on the left evidences the disillusionment and disenchantment growing among those who [...]

Then and Now, Now and Then

By g.h.kirschOn May 04, 2009

For those who still remember the idealism of their youth, this link will take you back to Kent State University May 4, 1970. On this day almost 40 years ago, the illusion that [...]

Barack Obama - our best hope

By John ServaisOn Nov 02, 2008

Barack Obama probably will win Washington State's 11 electoral votes. But he will only win if all of us who favor him actually vote for him. It is a tendency [...]

Long Run

By Tip JohnsonOn Nov 19, 2006

Milton Friedman died at 94 years of age last week. Friedman was the maverick economist who implemented monetarist policies beginning with the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. As a [...]

How the tsunami crossed the ocean

By John ServaisOn Dec 29, 2004

An animated map of the Indian Ocean shows how the deep-ocean waves sped out from the earthquake. NOAA prepared the map. The length of the slipping fault was about the [...]

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