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Chuckanut Ridge

Chuckanut Ridge: Good Deal, Bad Deal?

By Tip JohnsonOn Sep 26, 2011

For thirty years the City has created an expensive problem by adopting and defending inappropriate zoning for Chuckanut Ridge. It was adopted without any of the reviews and notifications that [...]

A People’s Victory - and a Rare One

By John ServaisOn Sep 01, 2011

Dana Lyons and friends organized a celebration this evening of the purchase of Chuckanut Ridge as a city parkland. Even though it is 10 days before the legal purchase is completed. [...]

City to buy Chuckanut Ridge for $8.2 million

By John ServaisOn Aug 16, 2011

At last night's regular Bellingham City Council meeting, they voted to authorize the mayor to negotiate the purchase of Chuckanut Ridge for $8,200,000. Public issues over this land go back [...]

It’s finally done…except the lessons

By Tip JohnsonOn Aug 15, 2011

The CIty Council has just reported, on Channel 10, a decision made in executive session to purchase the Chuckanut Ridge development. This promises to end a debate that has been ongoing [...]

Chuckanut Ridge now fully owned by bank

By John ServaisOn Jul 22, 2011

Washington Federal has bought out Greenbriar's interest in Chuckanut Ridge. This clears the way for a sale of the 100 plus acres to the city of Bellingham - and the [...]

Washington Federal forecloses on Fairhaven Highlands

By John ServaisOn Mar 09, 2011

Chuckanut Ridge is now ready for purchase by the city of Bellingham, courtesy of Washington Federal Savings. Today, the bank foreclosed on Fairhaven Highlands, the owner of the 85 acres of [...]

Eric Hirst Resigns Greenways Committee

By Eric HirstOn Nov 09, 2010

Editor note: Of course this posting is with Eric’s permission. Our website is not able to exactly reproduce the formatting and bullet points in his letter. Thus there is [...]

WAFed’s best option: Accept City’s offer on Chuckanut Ridge

By Larry HorowitzOn Nov 06, 2010

For those who’ve been following the Chuckanut Ridge / Fairhaven Highlands issue with interest, regardless of which side you’re on, I believe all of us are ready [...]

Open letter to Bellingham Planning Director Jeff Thomas re: Fairhaven Highlands application deadline

By Larry HorowitzOn Oct 31, 2010

Update Oct 31: Upon further review of the correspondence between the applicant’s attorney and Interim Planning Director Jeff Thomas, it’s not clear whether there has been any [...]

A letter to the Bellingham City Council

By John ServaisOn Aug 05, 2010

Fellow city resident, taxpayer and citizen, I sent this email to our city council this morning. They have time today to structure out next Monday's August 9 council meeting agenda [...]

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