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Chuckanut Ridge

Chuckanut Mountains and the Park District

By Guest WriterOn Feb 01, 2013

Dr. Robert Gibb presents this guest aticle. I write as President of the Chuckanut Mountains Park District Advisory Committee. The so-called Greenway endowment fund was proposed by the Beyond Greenway [...]

Former Park Directors Against Park District Proposal

By Guest WriterOn Jan 31, 2013

Guest writers Byron Elmendorf and Paul Leuthold provide this jointly written article. ——————- During our over 60 years working for City parks departments with over 30 years as the Bellingham Parks and [...]

It Is Not a Vote to Save The Forest

By Guest WriterOn Jan 31, 2013

Guest writer Margie ( Hanson) Haskell Vote no on Prop. 1, metropolitan park district. This is not a vote to save the forest, as I believe proponents say. It is a vote [...]

Why I am voting NO on the Park Disttict

By John ServaisOn Jan 30, 2013

I will be voting NO to the Park District - and I am not a developer. And I know this issue inside and out. I have at times led the [...]

Wise Owl Knows What to Do

By Guest WriterOn Jan 29, 2013

Guest writer Bill Geyer used a literary tool to explain TDRs. Update: The opponents website is now posted. It is worth checking. “Think, think, think. What to do, Christopher [...]

Why to vote NO on proposed Park District

By Guest WriterOn Jan 26, 2013

By guest writer Phyllis McKee. She owns commercial property within the district and has been involed in Fairhaven affairs for almost 40 years. Why vote NO on Proposition #1, the Metropolitan Park [...]

Beautiful Park

By Guest WriterOn Jan 26, 2013

Guest writer Dan Remsen writes for the group favoring the Park District on Bellingham's south side. There is a beautiful forested hillside visible from most anywhere in the southwest [...]

Feb 12 election:  Bham Southside Only

By John ServaisOn Jan 24, 2013

Here is some of the basic information on the election on creating a Metro Park District in south Bellingham. It is not easy to learn what and who is on [...]

Prop 1: New Parks District is Wrong Approach

By Guest WriterOn Jan 24, 2013

By guest columnist Bill Geyer. See short bio at end of article. The February 12 Special Election will ask south Bellingham voters to approve or disapprove creation of a new taxing [...]

Chuckanut Ridge: Due diligence or negligence?

By Larry HorowitzOn Oct 02, 2011

How likely are you to buy real estate in today's market based on an 18-month old appraisal prepared by the seller? Well, if you pay taxes in Bellingham, your [...]

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