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Law & Justice

Evidence-Based Jail Planning Processes

By Juliette DanielsOn Jun 13, 2017

There are 39 counties in the State of Washington. Many of them took advantage of State and Federal funds to build city and county jails in the 1970s and 1980s. Whatcom [...]

Part Eight: The Illusion of Inclusion and the Need for Speed

By Juliette DanielsOn Jun 06, 2017

The County plays hard-ball with Bellingham and hits a major “Speed Bump” when voters reject Proposition 2015-1. In basic terms, the Jail Facilities Use Agreement (JFUA) is a partnership that [...]

Part Seven: 2013 and 2014 - Acceleration of the Illusion of the Need for Speed

By Juliette DanielsOn Jun 02, 2017

How the County hand-picked a jail consultant to design a large, regional jail and new Sheriff’s Headquarters project , 1) Custom fit to the 2) County’s pre-chosen Site, based on the 3) [...]

Part Six: Introducing the “Need for Speed” in the Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 25, 2017

Introduction to the hard ball tactic of “The Need for Speed” >From 2010 to the present, the County Council has allowed 3-minute statements about the jail during open public comments [...]

Part Five: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 23, 2017

The County and HDR present a Draft Environmental Impact Statement with no consideration of already-owned County property in downtown Bellingham or of renovation/expansion of the County Jail On February 3, 2011, [...]

Whatcom 3: County Judge Grant Rules Out Defense Evidence

By Luba PekishevaOn May 22, 2017

Ahead of the May 7, 2016 Trump rally in Lynden, the Whatcom 3, Neah Monteiro, Josefina Mora, and Thomas Kaplan, were arrested for forming an anti-Trump blockade on Meridian St that had blocked [...]

Part Four: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 21, 2017

Whatcom County authorizes millions to be paid to jail industry consultant HDR to design and promote the County Executive’s and Sheriff’s plan for jail expansion On July 13, 2004 (four [...]

Part Three: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 18, 2017

“Illusion of Inclusion” and the Rise of Jail Industry Consultants Over time and through multiple changes in the make-up of the County Council, Whatcom County elected officials have: (1) hand-picked jail [...]

Part Two: The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 16, 2017

Whatcom County Rejects Opportunity to be a Leader in Criminal Justice Reform The 2000 Whatcom County Law & Justice Council (LJC) Plan offered a way to address jail conditions with a [...]

Part One:  The Illusion of Inclusion

By Juliette DanielsOn May 13, 2017

Part One: The Illusion of Inclusion: How County-appointed Councils, Panels, Committees and Task Forces provided: (1) Cover for Executive decisions about crucial criminal justice issues; and (2) plausible deniability for the exclusion [...]

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