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Changes May Be In Store For The City Planning Commission

By Dick ConoboyOn Nov 07, 2016

Update Sun afternoon, Nov 13: We have added a link below Dick’s article to a 4 page pdf by the Responsible Development organization that provides an action plan on the issue [...]

Sweden Fights Generalized Crapification With Sensible Policy

By David CampOn Sep 27, 2016

In case you are looking for some good news in the face of the appalling spectacle of The Clinton V. Trump Reality TeeVee Show, here's some good news from [...]

An Open Letter to U.S. Representative Rick Larsen

By David CampOn Apr 26, 2016

In Washington state we have pioneered, thanks to vigorous and politically-active citizens and a robust citizen initiative process, the re-legalization of cannabis. Voters overwhelmingly approved - 59% yea to 41% nay - [...]

BNSF: A casual approach to railroad safety

By John ServaisOn Apr 04, 2016

The coal train in the photo above is heading north along Bellingham Bay just above Clayton Beach. Notice how it seems to overhang the sandy bluff? That is because the [...]

$15 Minimum Wage - Assured Debt Peonage

By Dick ConoboyOn Apr 04, 2016

California has just followed Oregon in the race to enshrine low wages by forging ahead with a cruelly insufficient $15 minimum wage, not now, but in 6 years! By then, the cost [...]

It’s the Derivatives, Stupid!

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 01, 2016

To borrow phraseology from candidate Bill Clinton and at the risk of again being characterized as Chicken Little, here is some information that may make your teeth itch and your [...]

Bye Bye

By John ServaisOn Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and Seasons' Greetings. The Grinch has left the building. We can all breath a bit easier. The huge Shell Oil floating drill platform is - as I write [...]

Fairhaven Pharmacy Closes Today - For Real

By John ServaisOn Oct 20, 2015

Modern times have caught up with the venerable Fairhaven Pharmacy in the southside of Bellingham. As of 6 p.m. this evening, they are closing - going out of business - [...]

Wendy DeFreest is Opening a ‘Burger Joint’

By John ServaisOn Sep 19, 2015

Wendy DeFreest, owner of the very popular Avenue Bread sandwich cafes in Bellingham, is venturing into a full service restaurant in Fairhaven. “The Filling Station” will be a “burger [...]

$15/hr Minimum Wage - Seriously?

By Dick ConoboyOn Aug 19, 2015

This week in Iowa, Bernie Sanders said in a stump speech, “We’ve got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 an hour.” Presumably this [...]

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