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Whistleblower Defenders

By Anne MackieOn Oct 26, 2016

Anne Mackie guest writes this morning’s blog post. The role of the investigative journalist is to shine a bright light on corruption, expose misuse of power and backroom deals, [...]

Erin Jones’ campaign for boss of state schools takes a hit

By Ralph SchwartzOn Sep 02, 2016

Living in a left-leaning state with a top-two primary, liberal voters in Washington sometimes must look for finer shades of distinction between the candidates who make it to the general [...]

Where’s the accountability, Bellingham police?

By Ralph SchwartzOn Aug 26, 2016

Apparently, Bellingham police are unhappy with criticism stemming from the ongoing wave of cops killing black people. One Bellingham officer, Michael de Ruiter, penned an op-ed for The Bellingham Herald [...]

NPR abandons doomed experiment in online commenting

By Ralph SchwartzOn Aug 20, 2016

“On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.” But they find out quickly enough. New Yorker cartoonist Peter Steiner captured something true about our virtual reality with this 1993 caption. [...]

The state of citizen journalism is strong: Two receive deArmond awards

By Ralph SchwartzOn Mar 11, 2016

The third annual Paul deArmond Citizen Journalism award dinner on Feb. 12 in Bellingham was bigger than ever—a bigger venue, more guests, a higher bar tab and, most notably, not [...]

Dwindling Information Makes Voters Susceptible to Spin

By Guest writerOn Oct 27, 2015

Whatcom Citizen guest writes this article and is a pseudonym for a local writer whom we know and respect. The writer must remain anonymous, and is not necessarily the same [...]

Kudos to Our Police

By Dick ConoboyOn Jul 13, 2015

On July 7, two Bellingham police officers confronted a homeless man with a knife outside a McDonald's restaurant on Bakerview Rd. You can read the Herald article on this incident [...]

Riley Sweeney to Receive Paul deArmond Award

By John ServaisOn Jan 22, 2015

Intrepid political blogger Riley Sweeney has been selected to receive the Paul deArmond Citizen Journalism Award for 2014. Riley’s lively blog, on his Sweeney Politics website, is must reading [...]

Riley’s Top 5 Whatcom Political Stories of 2014

By Riley SweeneyOn Dec 24, 2014

Ralph Schwartz and Samantha Wohlfeil offered their “Top 10 Whatcom Political Stories” in 2014. Take a gander at their list, they have some good picks. In a sign of the [...]

Tune in TONIGHT for Political Comedy

By Riley SweeneyOn Oct 14, 2014

Whatcom County has been an innovator in the realm of unintentional political comedy, tonight, I am aiming to do it on purpose for once. Tonight at 6pm at votejoy.varvid.[...]

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