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Open Government

The Hidden Election

By Guest WriterOn Feb 02, 2015

Barbara Perry guest writes. She wrote about this in the December issue of Whatcom Watch. And last Wednesday's Cascadia Weekly also had an article. See links at bottom of [...]

Bham Planning Director - Rick Sepler Chosen

By John ServaisOn Oct 08, 2014

Thur, Oct 9 The city has posted their press release on the hiring of Rick Sepler. Wed, Oct 8 - 6:25 pm Mayor Kelli Linville has phoned and confirmed the article is correct [...]

You can’t fight city hall: city hall doesn’t fight fair

By Guest WriterOn Aug 22, 2014

Pat McKee guest writes this. He is a resident of Sunnyland and was a leader in their seven year planning effort. - The future look of Bellingham's distinctive single [...]

Devil In the Details

By Guest WriterOn Aug 16, 2014

What is the problem? Why are the Sunnyland neighbors unhappy with the outcome of the recent City Council decision that calls for single- family zoning for the DOT property? Here&[...]

The Rule of Law - Bellingham Style

By John ServaisOn Aug 11, 2014

Tonight the Bellingham City Council - after seven years of a confused, delayed and intimidating process - figured out how to force an illegal plan amendment onto the Sunnyland Neighborhood. [...]

Dawn Sturwold Retiring End of Month

By John ServaisOn Jun 10, 2014

Dawn Sturwold, the hearing examiner for the City of Bellingham, is retiring at the end of this month. She has been Bellingham’s first and only hearing examiner since [...]

The Whatcom Republicans’ Huge PCO Advantage

By Riley SweeneyOn May 06, 2014

As filing week is just around the corner, I thought it would be prudent to take a look at one of the least appreciated offices up for election this year, [...]

Charter Review and District Only Voting

By Riley SweeneyOn Apr 17, 2014

“Treasuring the many wonders of our unique environment and realizing that the power and duty to govern and protect this region is inherent in its people, we, the citizens [...]

County Considers Purchasing Toxic Property

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 19, 2014

Whatcom County is close to purchasing the building at 1500 N. State St., a building that is currently leaking toxins into our groundwater. The building, currently home to our medical examiner'[...]

Rep. Vincent Buys Appears to Break State Fundraising Laws

By Riley SweeneyOn Mar 11, 2014

Writer's Note: If you are looking for more news about the state Legislature, check out my native site The Political Junkie for weekly coverage. While the state Legislature is [...]

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