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Craig Cole Threatens Libel Suit

By John ServaisOn Feb 19, 2014

Craig Cole, the local face for plans to build the Gateway Pacific Terminal coal port at Cherry Point, sent a letter on February 5 to the Whatcom Watch threatening a libel [...]

In Memory of Paul deArmond

By Guest WriterOn May 06, 2013

Paul's sister, Claire, gives us this fine and warm view of him. - - - - - Paul deArmond, Republican-at-Large February 24, 1953 to April 20, 2013 Paul deArmond was always up to [...]

Cascadia Weekly Tribute to Paul de Armond

By John ServaisOn Apr 24, 2013

A very good memorial to Paul de Armond is in today's Cascadia Weekly. Tim Johnson devotes his entire Gristle column as a tribute to Paul. And it is very [...]

Paul de Armond has passed away

By John ServaisOn Apr 21, 2013

Paul de Armond died early Saturday morning, April 20. He was born February 24, 1953. He was well known in the Northwest for his political writings. A full memorial to Paul will be [...]

Senator Ericksen Displays His Colors

By John ServaisOn Feb 22, 2013

Riley Sweeney has posted a great one minute video clip of our State Senator Doug Ericksen showing his casual disregard for rules of procedure. Political insiders and political junkies have [...]

Wendy Harris Receives deArmond Award for Citizen Journalism

By Guest WriterOn Jan 09, 2013

This article appeared in the Jan 29 issue of the Cascadia Weekly and is written by and reprinted here courtesy of Tim Johnson. Also participating in this announcement is Sweeney Politics [...]

Honky Tonk Friday at Marlins’ Cafe

By Paul deArmondOn Nov 29, 2012

Marlins Cafe (co-located with the Historic Nelson's Market - a stationary float in life's parade) is now serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. New menu selections by Chef Tommy. [...]

Local Conservative Blog Fails at Flowcharts

By Riley SweeneyOn Sep 05, 2012

Hello NWCitizens, Riley Sweeney here. I was stumbling through the Whatcom Excavator, a conservative waterhole for Whatcom County anti-environmentalism (imagine Jack Petree, but less coherent. Then keep going . . .) and I [...]

The Political Junkie covers the Tea Party forum

By Riley SweeneyOn Jul 20, 2012

Hello NWCitizens! Riley here. Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Tea Party forum and it was a doozy. Check out my write-up about the federal candidates here [...]

Jack Petree, Olympia, the Whatcom Council and Obama’s Inner Circle

By Riley SweeneyOn Jan 11, 2012

Hello NWCiz, Here's the sampler pack of what The Political Junkie has been up to. First, for those of you who read Jack Petree's recent letter to the [...]

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