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Seahawks fumble on awkward #AllLivesMatter play

By Ralph SchwartzOn Sep 16, 2016

The National Football League has an image problem: drugs, violence against women, and an epidemic of permanent brain damage among its players leap to mind. Just when it looked like [...]

NPR abandons doomed experiment in online commenting

By Ralph SchwartzOn Aug 20, 2016

“On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.” But they find out quickly enough. New Yorker cartoonist Peter Steiner captured something true about our virtual reality with this 1993 caption. [...]

Ferndale volunteers build kids playground

By John ServaisOn Jun 05, 2016

The photos should tell the story. Starting last Tuesday morning, volunteers started building a children's playground next to Pioneer Park on Ferndale's south side. Its name is Star [...]

Memorial Day 2016 - Thanking a True Soldier

By Dick ConoboyOn May 26, 2016

The message below was written by Christopher Brown, who co-founded Growing Veterans, a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans from all wars who are experiencing physical and mental trauma from their [...]

Anchor-chain activists face hefty fines

By Ralph SchwartzOn Feb 18, 2016

Combined, Chiara D’Angelo and Matt Fuller spent 88 hours last spring on the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger. The vessel was docked in Bellingham Bay at the time [...]

Harriet Spanel has passed on

By John ServaisOn Feb 03, 2016

Harriett Spanel died yesterday. She was only 77 but had been dealing with some health issues the past few years. She still had the energy and desire for politics. The Bellingham [...]

In White Skin

By Ralph SchwartzOn Feb 01, 2016

“I’m just a lost soul in white skin / Trying to find my way to a new end” I won’t quit my day job to [...]

Kremen & Weimer tell us of Clinton & Sanders

By Guest writerOn Dec 29, 2015

Whatcom Citizen guest writes this and is a pseudonym for a few local writers whom we know and respect but who must remain anonymous. - - - Readers of this [...]

How Our Community Can Welcome Our Troops Home

By Guest writerOn Aug 24, 2015

Guest Writer: Christopher Brown is a U.S. Marine combat veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan and Purple Heart recipient. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work through [...]

Lois Garlick was our hero

By John ServaisOn Jul 09, 2015

Lois Garlick died peacefully in her sleep on June 28 at age 95. She and her husband George, who died several years ago, were awarded the first Environmental Heros award by Re-Sources. [...]

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