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Whatcom County

A classic bit of Americana

By Northwest CitizenOn Jul 26, 2007

The 43rd annual Bill Mize Forum took place last night at the Rome Grange, a few miles east of Bellingham on the Mt. Baker Highway. This gathering of political candidates, [...]

One of the more important discussions of the whole year

By John ServaisOn Jun 19, 2007

Our Whatcom County Council this evening discussed taking long-range planning back from the Executive and putting it under the control of the Council. Barb Brenner and Carl Weimer brought the [...]

Another Whatcom County political blog

By Northwest CitizenOn Jun 11, 2007

Have added a new link in the right side column to a local Whatcom County political blog - Washington Outsiders. This Liberal/Progressive/Populist site has been operating for three [...]

Office-hours confusion

By John ServaisOn Apr 03, 2007

At the Ellen Murphy hearing yesterday virtually nothing happened and it lasted about a minute. Ellen’s attorney, Joe Pemberton, told judge Lev that in light of the changes in [...]

Blue Canyon bullies?

By John ServaisOn Mar 23, 2007

So - what is going on at the Blue Canyon, down at the south end of Lake Whatcom? Who is Stephen Scott and who is Rita Foley and why have [...]

Response to Bellingham Herald editorial

By John ServaisOn Jan 25, 2007

Today’s Bellingham Herald editorial invites an answer. The editorial is good in that it reflects on past bad practices, like allowing GP to dump mercury into Bellingham Bay, and [...]

Let them vote on it?

By Tip JohnsonOn Nov 19, 2006

Zetta Bracher, President of the local Democratic Women’s Club, has an idea for getting consensus on our “new direction” in Iraq.When it became apparent that there were no [...]

General Election schedule posted

By Northwest CitizenOn Oct 10, 2006

The Auditor’s Election webpage has posted the General Election schedule. Indeed, ballots will be mailed to all of us starting a week from tomorrow on Oct 18. While the corporate [...]

Voting recommendations for the Primary Election

By Northwest CitizenOn Sep 08, 2006

Mail your ballot before Tuesday, Sept 19 (or by 5 pm that day if you want to take a chance).Mary Kay Becker - re-elect her as a judge to the Appeals [...]

True conservatives may stay home

By Northwest CitizenOn May 21, 2006

from the polls this November. And let the Democrats take over Congress. My wishful thinking? Not at all. Rather the wish and hope of Richard Viguerie, one of the most [...]

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