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Just What Bellingham Needs - Another Brewery - And Amid Single Family Homes

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 19, 2018

A short time ago, I received the following from a resident of Sunnyland. It is another story of zoning laws that do little to protect our residents while favoring businesses.[...]

COB Broadband Back To The 80s

By Jon HumphreyOn Feb 13, 2018

Let me start by stating up-front that I am working on public fiber as a volunteer and my interest has no financial benefit to me. I actually want what’s [...]

Updatd: County Council May Try End Run on State Legislature

By Elisabeth BrittOn Feb 06, 2018

Updated January 31, 2018 On January 30th, the Whatcom County Council adopted Interim Ordinance 2018-057 - repealing emergency Ordinance 2017-001 (the County moratorium on drilling permit-exempt wells due to the WA Supreme [...]

On Loss of Trust, Broken Process, and Failed Commitments in Bellingham

By Dick ConoboyOn Feb 01, 2018

There are several continuing and grave concerns regarding the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance update process that I initially wrote about last December in a piece entitled “City’s First [...]

Water, Water Everywhere, But ...

By Eric HirstOn Jan 29, 2018

Although we get lots of rain and snow in the winter, Whatcom County faces serious water-supply issues during the summer months. Here are the key issues I see and what [...]

News Briefs / Tue, Jan 23

By Northwest CitizenOn Jan 23, 2018

MV Columbia at Fairhaven terminal Alaska Ferry stuck in Bellingham ​The Alaska Ferry “Columbia” is stuck in Bellingham waiting for repairs. The Columbia did not sail last Friday at 6 pm [...]

Who Are The Homeless?

By Lisa E. PappOn Jan 22, 2018

Homelessness is a complex and challenging issue in our country. Of course, if you are homeless you are directly experiencing the difficulties of homelessness. But homelessness is also a challenge [...]

YIMBY Leader Scherrer Receives Realtor Award - What Significance for the City?

By Dick ConoboyOn Jan 21, 2018

Talk about irony. The Whatcom County Association of Realtors( WCAR) has awarded Wendy Scherrer its “Partner of the Year” award for all her hard work to effect a “pilot project” [...]

Pigs in a Poke for Residents on Land Issues and Zoning

By Dick ConoboyOn Jan 20, 2018

The recent Determination of Non-significance (DNS) on the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance now before the Bellingham Planning Commission raises a profound problem in the current review of land issues [...]

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Community

By Larry HorowitzOn Jan 17, 2018

We did it! The Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition (BNC) exceeded our goal of 300 signatures on the Community ADU Comment Letter. The letter, with 365 signatures, was submitted this afternoon to the Council, [...]

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