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Today the NY Times has a minuscule link from its home page to an important news article. In the Sunday print edition tomorrow, the article will be on page 14. You cannot find the story on most news websites - because they have ignored it. You can google it and find a few alternative and black newspapers with the story. But by the standards of United States corporate news media, it is not news. Probably because it is awkward and about a black man.

I found the story in a foreign newspaper that does a better job of covering US news than any paper in our country. It has been linked in the right column for years. The Guardian. A British newspaper started in 1821 in Manchester, England. Manchester means a lot to the British because it is the north west, is liberal, is the industrial center of England and is rich. Always has been. But I digress.

Albert Woodfox, a black man, has just been released from a Louisiana prison where he spent the last 43 years in solitary confinement. For a crime he was probably framed for by law enforcement. He kept his sanity and is now free. It took a lot of effort to get him released. We should know that such things are happening in our country. There are still thousands of cruel imprisonments in our country and solitary should be considered torture.

Check it out. The Guardian of England - for what is happening here in the USA. They broke the Edward Snowden story for us - of the NSA spying. They are not afraid like so much of our American press is. One of my favorite sites.

And here is the link to the NY Times article. Between them we get a pretty complete picture.

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