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This afternoon I'm posting a brief article about a new restaurant opening. Why is there business news posted on the ‘citizen’ political site? For 13 years I promoted the historic Fairhaven district with my fairhaven.com website. While I sold the website last January, I still like to keep up with my favorite part of town. I loved the A.W. Asian Bistro and one of the best little pleasures I enjoyed over the years was the occasional sushi lunch at the beautiful black marble bar - usually as a business meeting. I was very disappointed when Andy and Wilson decided to close last month and return to their families in Seattle.

So I was delighted to learn of Wendy’s plans and have been bugging her the last few days for details for a story here. And now that my full work efforts are towards making this website a success, I’m thinking other business and social news here is a fun way to go. This is also why I posted the weird train article a few days ago about the Rocky Mountaineer.

Yes, we will be posting election related articles as soon as we can. Several writers here will be doing our best to help defeat the jail tax proposition. Tip Johnson, David Camp and myself all have different perspectives on why this should go down to defeat. We do have viable and better alternatives than this proposal by Louws and Elfo that will practically bankrupt our county over the next 20 years.