Citizen Journalism Panel Followup

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Today four of us sat on a panel for discussion of about citizen journalism. Myself, Wendy Harris, Tip Johnson and Ellen Murphy. During a discussion of new stories in 2014, it was requested that perhaps links to several articles could be posted. And so here we have them.

These are relevant to the bogus libel threat by Craig Cole a year ago towards the Whatcom Watch.

Craig Cole's first letter to the Whatcom Watch. Note the date says Nov 5, 2014, but this letter is from last February, 2014.

Cole's second letter to the Whatcom Watch. This is correctly dated Feb 9, 2014.

The two NWCitizen articles that broke this news.

Craig Cole Threatens Libel Suit

Whatcom Watch Editor Resigns

The article providing citizens with a look at some of the documents.

Relevant Documents To Libel Threat

Elem Murphy's perspective on the issue.

Feint Calumny Solidarity

This issue of Cole throwing the Whatcom Watch community off balance with his heavy handed libel threat still has reverberations. The original article never mentioned his name.

The panel discussion was part of the Martin Luther King rememberance day at Whatcom Community College. I was honored to be part of it. We thank Nicole Brown of WWU for producing it. And we hope it was worth the time of those attending.

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