Bellingham Police Guild: Vote No on Jail

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Update in late evening

Also - the Bellingham-Whatcom County Professional Fire Fighters - IAFF Local 106 - have urged voters to reject - vote no - on the jail sales tax proposition. The two organizations put out a joint statement this afternoon.

Posted 3:30 pm today

In a bombshell announcement, the Bellingham Police Guild today urged that the jail sales tax proposition be voted NO by citiizens. The announcement, on the Police Guild website, notes that they supported the 2004 jail tax and that while $31 million has been collected from that, little has been done towards a new jail.

They also noted that fuzzy language in 2004 allowed those funds to be diverted to other uses than a new jail for the past 10 years, and that the same fuzzy language is in this year's proposition.

The announcement also notes that other large local law enforcement organizations have not supported this year's proposition.