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Clash of Titans
Clash of Titans

A Silver Lining?

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Could Trump end up an American hero? We shall see after the wailing, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair is over.

Why did he win? He had a platform. Hillary had baggage. No good deed goes unpunished.

Sure there is a lot of angst, as there well should be. The lowest denominators Trump has excited are going to be factoring way above their normal range for some time to come. We will have to deal with that, but at least they are out.

Trump has skills. He single-handedly kicked the crap out of every Republican candidate and the Republican party - now in complete disarray, a shambles.

Then he trounced the Democrats after they uniquely kicked the crap out of themselves - as seemingly only they can do. They are a shambles, too, but with perhaps even less grace than the Republicans.

Give him credit. Trump has effectively disrupted the entire two party system.

Now it is those who will stand for change that can tune the tenor of a future politic. Without Trump, who knows? More of the same hasn’t apparently been working. Ask the pollsters.

Bernie could have won. Bernie would have won. I’m not wanting to hear about who may have unwisely voted for third party candidates. The Democratic party brought this upon themselves and I think millennials get this. It is time for a change.

Trump has brought us all a huge opportunity. Most everyone agrees the two party system is broken.

People are funny. When things work, everything’s fine. No worries. Someone will take care. Beware! But when they’re broken? Folks are likely to step up and try to fix them.

As the saying goes, “When you speak to the will of the people, are you referring to your people or mine?”

We shall see who steps up, and how well those who dare are tolerated.

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