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Suspicious activity

Today’s Herald has a human interest story about Greg Grant who hired sniper John Muhammad for yard chores a year ago - just a couple weeks before his rampage of killing. This past week, Greg testified

Today’s Herald has a human interest story about Greg Grant who hired sniper John Muhammad for yard chores a year ago - just a couple weeks before his rampage of killing. This past week, Greg testified

Today's Herald has a human interest story about Greg Grant who hired sniper John Muhammad for yard chores a year ago - just a couple weeks before his rampage of killing. This past week, Greg testified at the sentencing portion of Muhammad's trial in Virginia. Now, Greg is a very decent fellow who tries to do the right thing, so what follows is not meant to insult him. But the Herald again shows why it is such a poor news reporting paper. Check the story posted on NwCitizen a year ago (10/26/02) about Greg Grant and a billboard on his property.

In a nutshell, Al Archer, an expert on evaluating people, reports Muhammad to the Bellingham police and they do nothing. Greg allows US Customs to use his property to put up a public road sign urging us normal citizens to report "suspicious activity" - a catch phrase for non-normal behavior of all sorts. The sign outrages many of us citizens. Ironically, Greg spends many hours with Muhammad and never senses any "suspicious" behavior.

The point? The problem is with the police, not with us citizens. All this frenzy and expense to track us normal citizens, have us spy on each other, tap our email, question us and destroy our civil liberties is basically ineffective for stopping terrorism but very effective in setting up an apparatus to control those of us who disagree with our government. You want to fly to visit your grandmother? You might not be allowed to if you are a local dissident. (Yes, I was singled out for special attention when flying back east for my mother's funeral. I was the only one and the agent told me the computer told them to stop me. I was later allowed to fly. I am for airport scanning.)

In Muhammad's case, the police had the information and blew it. We are learning much more about how the Feds muffed the Kennedy assassination investigation as new information comes to light in the last couple years. This year the Feds are muffing the investigation of how the 9/11 attacks were planned, who was involved and what the Feds themselves knew before the attacks. George W is withholding information from the commission charged with the investigation. We may be learning more vital information 40 and 50 years from now - if we are still a free society. And I mean information that exists now in Federal files but is being hidden or destroyed.

We citizens should insist on accountability from our police and law enforcement agencies. We should speak out and insist on hiring and retaining the best-qualified persons to run our police and law agencies. Our city council should hold hearings on the qualifications of Bellingham Police Chief Randy Carroll. They should demand answers to why our police ignored evidence that was given to them by an expert. We should reopen the case of the Margot Poss shooting in Bellingham - done perhaps the very day when Muhammad and Malvo left Bellingham for good.

I can post information here. You, fellow citizen, can do your part. A lot of you privately thank me for my efforts here. Liberals and conservatives stop me briefly each day to tell me my site is checked and read. That's appreciated. I put considerable time and effort into this site - more than I can afford.

But - If this site is only a quick, fun read for you while surfing web sites then don't give me your personal praise. It is empty. You, fellow citizen, need to act also. Do your part. You need to talk with your elected officials - council members and others. Tell them you want accountability. Write them. Speak out at council meetings. Yes, go public with your concerns. Now, either there is no risk in going public so you have no excuse. Or, there is risk to your privacy, job security, career path, social life, peer approval, travel plans, financial security and more. Well, if you do not start to act now then it may be worse in the near future. And you may not even have this web site to read by then.

Suspicious activity

By John ServaisOn Nov 22, 2003

Today’s Herald has a human interest story about Greg Grant who hired sniper John Muhammad for yard chores a year ago - just a couple weeks before his rampage of killing. This past week, Greg testified

New weekly newspaper - Northwest Independent

By John ServaisOn Nov 20, 2003

  • is out and on racks throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County. Pick it up. Give it a chance. It is actually going to try and report local news - city hall and the court house and the issues that affe

The Port has reversed itself

By John ServaisOn Nov 18, 2003

and has hired a private fueling firm for the airport, according to today’s Bham Herald. Remember a couple years ago, summer of 2001, the port terminated Alpha Aviation, saying the Port would run fueli

An analysis of the election results

By John ServaisOn Nov 17, 2003

by Paul de Armond is posted. Paul examines the returns and gives his perspective on what the numbers mean. His is not your conventional approach.

Paul runs the Public Good website and is active

A fun ‘Dean for President’ event

By John ServaisOn Nov 15, 2003

It was all fun, very brief, and is how big things get started. Of course they enjoyed the cake after, even without Dean.

The Northwest Independent News,

By John ServaisOn Nov 14, 2003

a weekly newspaper based in Bellingham, will start publication next Thursday, Nov 20. It will strive to report local news. Amazing. It will be a tabloid and be distributed throughout Whatcom County. Y

We salute our veterans today.

By John ServaisOn Nov 11, 2003

Their intentions were to serve our country and they did as they were told and went where they were sent. Our presidents do not always use them correctly, sometimes using them for adventures that have

Election News

By John ServaisOn Nov 08, 2003

Brett Bonner sent out his concession statement last night, shortly after the auditor posted the final 7,000+ absentee ballots. It shows class by the fellow who waged a positive and forthright campaign

Levys should be for extra programs

By John ServaisOn Nov 06, 2003

Shame on the Bellingham Weekly. Page 3 of today’s paper has “The Slate” with photographs taken at Mark Asmundson’s victory party on Tuesday night. They asked Mark supporters what Brett would do

It is really hard to replace an incumbent

By John ServaisOn Nov 05, 2003

Those not sure just vote for the person in office, preferring a sure thing to an unknown. I give my respect to those who took the challenge and ran against entrenched incumbents. Especially Brett Bonn

Day of our decision.

By John ServaisOn Nov 04, 2003

County Auditor Shirley Forslof will have the election results posted online as soon as or even before the printed copies are brought out her office door to those of us in the courthouse rotunda. First

You would never learn that from the Herald

By John ServaisOn Nov 03, 2003

Sunday’s Herald front page story on the mayor’s race again showed us how to skew reporting to favor your candidate. John Stark does this type of reporting on a regular basis. His story lists controver

For what it is worth,

By John ServaisOn Oct 31, 2003

here are my recommendations for the election.

The basic values that I apply are for elected officials to have honesty and provide open government that is accountable to the citizens. We can all

The huge gap for news in this community

By John ServaisOn Oct 30, 2003

Will be posting election recommendations today. Have not had time for some good posts the past week.

Reliable rumor has it that another weekly newspaper will start publishing in early November

No one in a position of responsibility will touch it

By John ServaisOn Oct 22, 2003

So the Public Disclosure Commission is investigating Foster without any complaint. Yet they pretend to not know of flagrant violations of the PDC laws being committed by Mark Asmundson as Mayor - to w

Another perspective on County elections

By John ServaisOn Oct 21, 2003

I’ve just posted up a commentary by Stephen Trinkaus on all the local elections. He gives the perspective of a liberal activist - one who has participated in the local process and knows what is happen

On the levy, low-cost rentals and the Mayor’s gag order.

By John ServaisOn Oct 19, 2003

Today’s Herald devoted much of the first section of the paper to promoting the levy tax for EMS services, under the guise of reporting the issues. They printed two big graphs showing increases of resp

What closed-door deal has Mark made with Foster?

By John ServaisOn Oct 17, 2003

That is the question making the political rounds this afternoon. Foster Rose, who came in third in the primary election for mayor, today endorsed Mayor Mark Asmundson for reelection. Foster’s voters h

This is the piece that this election deserves

By John ServaisOn Oct 16, 2003

Tip Johnson has written the best analysis of the mayor Mark’s record that will appear anywhere. Tip, a hero to local environmentalists and liberals, takes an honest and courageous look at Mark Asmunds

The Police Guild believes Terry did this

By John ServaisOn Oct 15, 2003

The Bellingham Police Guild will endorse Don Hansey today for city council. Their executive board voted 100% last night to endorse Hansey and not Bornemann. To most political observers this will be a