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20,000 Iraq & Afghan veterans with brain injuries are not counted as wounded by the Pentagon. Charming. Not surprising. USA Today has the report in today's issue. Very nice to see investigative reporting into the routine lies that come forth from the GWB administration on a daily basis.

This website has posted concerns about wounded and brain-injured vets for years - Jan. 1 in 2007, Oct. 26 in 2006 and Jan. 8 in 2004 and several in 2003.

The life-wrecking trauma of brain injuries is understandable to all of us. Here is where some consider the dead to be better off. To now learn the Pentagon has listed only 5,000 of the 25,000 injured is just another bit of news. Ho hum. Gee, the war is more expensive in lives than Bush wanted to admit. Well, maybe he didn't know. The guy who deserted his unit during Vietnam has little understanding of war. Brain injuries? If you can't see them then let's not count them.

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