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A little lightness for the weekend may be nice. While most ‘blogs’ include a lot of personal introspection and personal involvement in the posts, this web site has not indulged in that. I’ve not even thought of this as a blog - as a continuous reflection of my personal mental journey on some subject or the world. Rather this started and continues to be an effort to prod the Herald for their omissions and errors and distortions and to bring out information the Herald ignores. The info needs to be of value to our community in our effort to self govern.

Well, maybe a bit more of myself and more about how I have come to learn some political information is needed. Perhaps weekend posts are a time for more lighthearted posts. Anyway, without too much more introspection in this paragraph, here is what I feel like writing today. Hope it doesn’t drive you away from this site. Regardless, it is me.

Oh - and before that - a note on voting. Yes, I will be responding to John Watts fine posts on district or county wide voting. And, yes, I do have what I think are strong counter arguments. And, yes, I do try and read his entire posts except for his quotations of others. And, unlike the commentators on Sam Taylor’s blog, there will be no personal insults of Watts here. Now to trivia.

While we all know that the shortest day of the year is Dec 21, it is not well known that the latest sunrise and earliest sunset are not on that day. Instead they are about three weeks apart. Trivia that I find fun.

Tomorrow, Dec 10 we will have the earliest sunset of the year at 4:14 pm. It will go down over Lummi Island about 4, and officially set for Bellingham at 4:14. The sunrise tomorrow is at 7:52 am and we will have 8 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. I’d like to say sunlight but…

Dec 21, we will have only 8 hours and 16 minutes of daylight - the shortest day of the year. But the sunset will already be 2 minutes later at 4:16 pm than it will be tomorrow. The sunrise will be 8:00 am - 8 minutes later than tomorrow as we continue to see darker mornings. But - we can celebrate longer evening light starting after tomorrow.

On Dec 28, the sunrise will be 8:03 am - the latest it rises all year. But the day will have 8 hours and 18 minutes of daylight and the sunset will be at 4:19 - much later than on either Dec 21 or Dec 10. Well, much later if you love it when the day lasts any longer into the evening.

So, we can look forward to the sun setting later each day after tomorrow. While I again do not provide proof, evidence and documentation of my outlandish statements, I also again invite anyone who disagrees with my information to post their own counter information and I will link to their website and their post for public dialog. As I have been doing for over 10 years.

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