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Why We Fight -

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• In War & Peace,

a film about our present-day United States. It won at Sundance and for good reason. For those of us who are beginning to wonder if we made a “mistake” going to war in Iraq, this film is for you. You will not feel you wasted your time. If you are weak on your history, this film is for you. It will show you how President Eisenhower - our commanding general in Europe during WWII and the two-term Republican president of the US - warned us, a future generation, against the military-industrial complex. Actually the military-industrial-congressional complex.

For those of us who have been against the war from 2002, this film is a rehash of all we knew then and know now. For those dwindling numbers of us who are still for the “spread of democracy” in Iraq through American arms - well you probably don’t want to watch anything you don’t agree with. Tis easier to stay with your beliefs that way.

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