What is the US doing?

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Juan Cole’s Informed Comment blog has it in a nutshell today. Check the Aug 5 post in his archive if you click this link after today. Israel is destroying Lebanon and grinding down the spirit of the people of that country. The war against Hezbolah - well, that seems to be secondary. And the war in Iraq has disappeared from the top of news reports. How convenient as that war becomes a total mess.

Two weeks ago the US said it was giving Israel a week to wipe out Hezbolah. The permission obviously has been extended. Keep in mind that we are supplying Israel with the bombs for all this destruction of Lebanon.

What is the US doing? It appears more like an effort to dominate and control the Middle East - to totally defeat the Islamic world. The neocons are still directing Bush. Tis a war of civilizations that we are being dragged into. Is this the ranting of some liberal who shows little judgment? Well, read the leading Israeli publication Haaretz and what they are worried about. It is that Israel is following us down the path to perdition.

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