What is happening at the Herald?

Byy On

You would think the Port of Bellingham getting a windfall of $17 million would be news. But since posting that here - and scooping the paid news media in Bellingham - they have ignored this. The Port collects $5 million a year in taxes from all Whatcom County property owners, so this is equal to three years of taxes.

Why does the Bellingham Herald ignore this? Maybe because they are almost without editorial and news leadership. Evan Miller left suddenly in mid summer with less than 48 hours notice. Now Carolyn Nielson, editorial page editor, is missing - just gone. The Herald publisher and news department refuse to answer my email for an explanation. They have not printed anything about this. What is happening at the Herald? Something seems afoot. To lose your two top people in the middle of local election campaigns is absurd.

If anyone knows what is happening at the Herald, please let me know and I’ll post it here. I will protect your identity. I have 20 years experience protecting those who provide me with public information and none have been outed.

Years ago the Port of Bellingham fired three employees trying to get rid of my inside sources. They missed and the two sources remained. One has now moved on to another organization. Jim Darling, Port executive director, is nothing if not ruthless.

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