What a bunch of hooey!

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The Pentagon, after weeks of delay, finally trotted out the "irrefutable evidence" that Iran is supplying deadly weapons to Iraqi "insurgents". Wow! They produced two tables of weaponry with Iranian markings! There were no supporting documents and the presenters insisted on remaining anonymous.

This is supposed to prove something? How many so-called Iraqi insurgents would need to be fleeced for their weapons to produce two tables full of American armaments? Would that prove that we were supporting insurgents? Come on.

By every accepted measure, America is the world's wholesale arms warehouse. We supply just under half the worlds arms exports, more than twice that of the second and third place suppliers. In 1999, we supplied arms to more than 92% of the world's conflicts.

See for yourself. There is a really nice summary of the CRS (or "Grimmett") Report to Congress at globalissues.org. May I please direct your attention to the bar graph part way down the page? Don't trust websites? Read the entire report itself; the link's at the bottom of this article.

Now, in related news, UNICEF released a report entitled, "An Overview of Child Well-Being in Rich Countries". The US ranked at or near the bottom in several different categories. You might wonder whether those massive billions toward arms have anything to do with that assessment or the general population's access to health care in this country. Of course, it is no better in poor countries, where we are so busy financing and arming all those conflicts. I imagine those Iraqi children are far worse off than ours! Hmmm.

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