Western needs common sense

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Know how to stop Western Washington University from repeatedly trying to destroy the neighborhoods around it? By limiting its potential size and by starting a new university in Everett or Port Angeles.

Sound far fetched? Our state legislature is actually considering a new U. We would never know it from reading our Bham Herald. To learn what might impact Bellingham, we need to read the Everett Herald. This article appeared in Monday’s paper. Read about the possible Cascadia University. Write your legislator and urge their support.

Meanwhile, Western moves ahead with its plan to spend millions of dollars destroying and building new roads on its campus - all to no improvement in traffic or safety. Why do it? Only to build that perfect, beautifully landscaped, English garden-like campus. Roads are so - well, you know, unsightly. So WWU will put them through the Sehome Arboretum. And other places. With traffic aimed like a dagger at the Happy Valley neighborhood.

Tonight at the Western Gallery on campus at 7 pm, the WWU planners and their very-well-paid outside lackeys will put on a smooth dog and pony show while pretending to be open to public comment on their road plans. I was on their traffic task force a few years ago and watched the duplicity at close range. The plan is cut. All that remains is a public charade. Jack hammer a road and build a new one only 100 yards away. Someone ought to tell our six state legislators to stop wasting our tax dollars in these tight times. The present roads are fine. Western does need more classrooms - and some common sense.

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