Welcome to Rick Larsen . . .

. . . welcome to the correct side of the Iraq war issue. Rick spoke yesterday at Bellingham city hall and, according to the Bellingham Herald, he switched his stand and now favors a partial pullout of US forces from Iraq. He is against Bush's troops surge. (the Herald article will disappear in a few days from their site)

Whew. I appreciate Rick's ending his fence sitting and the beginning of what I hope will be his working with the Democratic majority in Congress to bring this war to the most decent end possible. Any end will be messy but still less messy than continuing and escalating. While his website has no post on this issue, his site is hopelessly out of date on most everything. He needs to prod his staff on this.

I read - but have not heard from directly - that our local anti-war protesters basically gave Rick no credit for his coming over to the anti-war side. But then Sam Taylor, the Herald reporter, is establishing a reputation for writing the story the way he wants it to be, not the way it is. I've been to meetings that Sam reported on and he is very selective to one side of issues. I hope our leading anti-war protesters welcome Rick and encourage more anti-war action from him.

This website encouraged all local anti-war citizens to vote for Rick last fall - as we needed every Democrat in order to get a majority in Congress. Now Rick has come through for us. We should not care if Rick switched because the polls are 80% against the war or that the Democrats now control Congress and he wants to just side with those in power. The most important issue for us Americans is to get out of this war - and we now have Rick to help us. One step at a time, folks.

Rick, thank you for adjusting your position and favoring a backing off from this terrible tragedy of our own making. A suggestion, if I may. Now is the time to direct your staff to ask local authorities to drop trespass charges and restrictions on the courageous and patriotic women who sat down in your office and hallway in protest to your past support for the war. You can only benefit from having their names cleared and their rights restored. They did the right thing and they acted in one of our oldest and honored American traditions - to petition the government.

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