Weather - April temperatures for Bellingham

Byy On

Bill McCallum has provided us with a unique and interesting look at our monthly temperatures. Above is the chart for April 2008, with the actual temperatures compared to the normal or average temperatures and also the record setting highs and lows. This is obviously a labor of love by Bill. And for us readers, this chart requires a bit of attention in order to understand it - something well within the abilities of astute political junkies.

Bill tells us that the actual mean high was 5.2 degrees below the normal mean high during April. And only 4 days saw temperaturs above the normal high.

He is building these starting in January and will continue them through December. I will post the earlier ones with dates of the earlier months so as to not clutter up the most recent posts. You can reference them by selecting the category “Science + weather”. It will be a few days before the earlier ones are up. May will be posted in early June. And he is ading color. Comments are open if you want to give Bill some feedback on how you like them or how he might improve them.

Note - May 10: We have swapped in a color version of the chart. It is easier to read and analyse. Bill continues to work on making this chart better. And I hope to add the ability to show it even wider - for easier reading.

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