We prefer to conquer

Byy On

Actually, International - but not local and that is the point. AlJazeera reports on a scholarly Islamic letter to the Pope - pointing out the factual errors in that inflammatory speech of his last month in Germany. The Pope accused Islam of spreading its religion by the sword - and the scholars point out how this is not true now nor in the past. Now - this is a response that is not violent and so we shall see how little attention our corporate media give to it. No headlines, of course. But this response could be very important as a step towards reconciliation between the two major religions in the world. We in the West have a history of avoiding solutions. We prefer to conquer. By the sword. With the support of the Christian sects. Today the US is trying to spread Democracy by the sword - or by the bomb, rifle and cannon to be exact. With the full support of many Christian churches in this country. And “Christians”.

The full letter is posted by Islamica Magazine - at the bottom of the article - and I have posted their PDF of the letter here. I’ve not yet read the whole letter.

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