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We have not addressed the cause

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So Mel Gibson is a racist - and his denials of being anti-Jewish with his film “The Passion of Christ” are quite false. Many claim it provides a very anti-semitic slant - and now we know why. Mel spent 12 years working on that movie - he wrote it, produced it and directed it. It grossed hundreds of millions. It is his signature piece - and it glorified the Roman Catholic Church view of Jesus and the Jews. The Pope approved of the movie.

Booze loosens the tongue, and what comes out is what we have suppressed. Booze does not put new thoughts or feelings into us. It just brings out what is there. The real challenge now is to get the police video of Mel spewing all this. That will be the proof. If the video can be destroyed then denials will come forth.

Why is this important? Because Gibson, through that movie, pushed a racist and dangerous hate-mongering agenda - and it got a world-wide audience. He is not some bimbo who got drunk and said some dumb things. He is one of the world’s more influential movers and he has been exposed.

I want to say how sad and despicable the shootings in Seattle at the Jewish center are. This shooter is some poor slob who bought into all the racist anti-Jewish verbiage and went over the edge. This is the problem with stealth racist junk put out by elites like Gibson and others - some poor low-intelligence or unstable types buy into it and decide to do something about it. And the killing and hate goes on. We will put the guy away for life to protect society. But we have not addressed the cause.

Then we get to the war that Israel is waging. And we must be careful not to confuse the Jews with the state of Israel. Anymore than associating intelligent US citizens with the Bush gang’s insane war mongering.

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