Washington State Senator Simon Sefzik

The Whatcom County Council today appointed Simon Sefzik to fill the remaining 10 months of the senate seat for the 42nd District.

The Whatcom County Council today appointed Simon Sefzik to fill the remaining 10 months of the senate seat for the 42nd District.


Simon Sefzik of Ferndale was appointed to serve as state senator for the 42nd Legislative District by the Whatcom County Council earlier today. He replaces Senator Doug Ericksen who passed away on December 17, 2021. His term will last until voters choose a new senator in the General Election on November 8, 2022. 

Readers can watch the council’s appointment of Sefzik which took place this morning at 9:30 a.m. during a special meeting. 

Before being nominated by the Whatcom Republican Party, Senator Sefzik interned with the U.S. House of Representatives in 2019 and the White House in 2020 and 2021. He is a graduate of Patrick Henry College in Virginia where he received a Bachelor of Arts in American Politics and Policy.  He is 22 years old.

Council provided a list of questions for the three nominees to answer before this morning’s meeting. When asked “What will you do to be effective in Olympia?” Sefzik replied, “To be effective in Olympia, I will reach across the aisle and find the points that unite us, rather than the areas that divide us. I believe that we have more in common than what separates us, and that we can, in good faith, achieve great things for Washington together.”

His legislative priorities include flood relief, affordable housing, agriculture, and public safety. 

Councilors Barry Buchanan, Todd Donovan, Carol Frazey, and Kaylee Galloway voted for Sefzik. Tyler Bird and Kathy Kershner voted for Whatcom County Councilor Ben Elenbaas. Elenbaas recused himself from the vote. During discussion, Donovan, Frazey, and Galloway expressed concerns that Elenbaas would not be able to perform his duties as a County Council member while serving in Olympia. 

On Facebook, John Mutchler, recently elected Ferndale City Council member and former Ferndale mayor, told friends that he has “known Simon over a decade and (in the categories of) smart, intelligent and brilliant,” Senator Sefzik is in the latter category. “I may have more to say later,” he said, “but I assure my friends, red, blue, and purple, that the new state senator will serve all of Whatcom County well…”

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Gene Knutson

Jan 12, 2022

Congratulations Senator Sefzik!!! I was impressed by your answers and your presentation, all the best to you in Olympia, keep true to your beliefs and don’t let the old gaurd down there push you around. As I said when I decided not to seek re election after 28 years it is time for a new generation of leadership not only on a local level but the state and national level also. This is a great start and I hope more people step up and run for these offices. Again Senator, the best of luck we are rooting for you.     



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