War with Iran

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The news analysts are finally realizing that Bush's speech was a declaration of war on Iran. I posted that minutes after the speech and revisited it yesterday. We are dragging out the detention of the Iranian diplomats captured in the armed raid on their consulate in Iraq - an act of war in itself. Older ones of us remember the bombing of Cambodia in the Vietnam war and the horrible consequences of that - stronger demonstrations against the war in the US and the destabilizing of Cambodia and all that followed in that country with the genocide.

Gentle reader - during the Cold War, the Soviets and the USA competed with each other for influence and military bases in powerless countries. The US spent billions in countries like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia to put in power tyrants who would work with us and against the Soviets. We gave military training to their personal armies and provided them with destructive toys - armaments. We helped them put down democratic movements - brutally put them down. Our national interests were served by preventing democracies in these countries. (Yes, the story has variations in each country.)

When the Cold War ended about 1989, we had no more use for nor interest in these countries. We stopped the money flow, pulled our military advisers, and left. Chaos ensued - as we have watched since. The point is we created these dysfunctional countries and now we are reaping the whirlwind.

So - for us to now bomb Iran and start a war there is to create further chaos and problems for the future. There is no quick fix to the Iraq quagmire by just bombing some supply lines in Iran. As we should know by now, the country that starts a war cannot decide when or how to end it.

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