War - war and more war

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Juan Cole provides an excellent if longish read on Bush's new plan for the Iraq war. In particular he points out how many of the infiltrators and weapons are coming not from Syria or Iran but from Jordan. But Bush will not say that because that country is our friend. I note how Bush refers to countries he does not like as "regimes" and not countries or nations. He uses proven propaganda words to try and engender hate or fear in Americans for others.

It didn't take long after Bush's speech for us to make a first move against Iran. The US Forces stormed the Iranian consulate in the Kurdish sector. I watched again and read again the part of W's speech where he virtually declared war on Iran and Syria. The mainstream media are largely ignoring that. I think it of the utmost importance in that Bush is saying he will go down swinging - by escalating the war to include Iran at least.

One thing we have is invulnerable bombers and smart bombs that extend into the nuclear range. We can destroy anything we want anywhere in the world any day we want. So long as we don't provoke the Russians, we are safe. And note - we just sent another aircraft carrier squadron to the sea next to Iran. War - war and more war.

NwCitizen has a decent track record on being right on this war. If you are interested, start with my Feb 6, 2003 post and peruse that and posts into the start of the war in March. This time there is a chance our politicians - Republicans and Democrats - will stop Bush from taking us further down the road to perdition.

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