War and Peace

Byy On
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My subconscious regularly hatches schemes
and reveals their content in nightly dreams,
presumably triggered by a love of puns
and how newspaper headlines can be such fun.

I dreamt about a New Year’s revolution
that features a problem needing solution.
It begins with candidate Elizabeth Warren,
whose grasp of economics is hardly foreign.
With politics, too, she is learning the ropes,
day by day raising Progressives’ hopes.
In my dream she’s elected our #1 woman
and seen by chauvinists as a fateful omen.

Her skirttails as the White House’s tenant
bring more women to the House and the Senate—
women who see our military as bloated
and surviving on loans the Chinese have floated,
with bases spread throughout the world,
leaving few places where our flag is unfurled.
These bases alienate foreign nations
and invite Islamic retaliations.

Drawing down a significant number of bases
placates populations in distant places.
The savings realized from these reductions
support infrastructure reconstruction.
Swords to plowshares are then applauded
by all but the industries by war rewarded.
Headlines herald an armament cease
as our President authors a Warren peace.

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Comments by Readers

Scott Wicklund

Dec 06, 2014

Alas as with 2008, we tend to project our hopes on a candidate when the reality is quite different.  Even the Nobel Committee was taken in.
Candidate Elizabeth Warren is in reality a hawk in favor of Zionist apartheid and military expansion.  Our grasp for somebody to turn the ship around must honestly assess the realities or we will just be fooled again.
Democratic and Republican Parties are both complicit in the current kabuki in which the same 1% excel while the rest of us slide underwater.  Neither organization has any interest in real change.


Dick Conoboy

Dec 06, 2014

Ah, yes.  There is no escaping the corporate, Walls St., Madison Avenue packaging of each and every one of these candidates for the purpose of ridding them of any aspect of humanity or decency or sense of justice.  It matters little whom we select out of this group of braying jackasses.  The oligarchic seizure has already taken place.  It is done.  Until the citizens discover this fact, they continue to snarl and snap at one another as if it made a difference.  It makes no difference at this stage.  However, once there is a true understanding of the current situation, there may finally be an opportunity for action.  We will not be saved by Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.  We will not be saved by any of these politicians. 

You may wish to read Chris Hedges in his piece on this topic where he says. “Politics in the hands of the corporate state is anti-politics. It is designed to denigrate and destroy the values that make a liberal democracy and political participation possible. It is a cynical form of mass control. Corporate money has replaced the vote. Dissent is silenced or ignored. Political parties are Punch and Judy shows funded by corporate puppeteers. Universities, once the epicenter of social change, are corporate headquarters, flush with corporate money, government contracts and foundation grants. The commercial press, whose primary task is attracting advertising dollars, has become an arm of the entertainment industry. It offers news as vaudeville.  Read more at: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/driving_american_politics_underground_20140907


Abe Jacobson

Dec 07, 2014

“Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

Abe Jacobson

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