Wall Street protests ignored by news media

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Check out the very short video below for how the New York police are dealing with the peaceful protestors in New York City. This is made possible by an almost complete news blackout in the United States on the police violence and even on the existence of the protests. Have you seen anything about the existence of the protests in the Bellingham Herald? I haven't. And nightly news? Nada. A scant reference here and there. With the major news media ignoring the protests, the police can get brutal and not fear reprecussions.

The Wall Street protests are important. By sweeping them under the rug, our news media is letting down our democracy. Historically, this usually results in the protests getting worse because the normal calming adjustments of society are not brought to bear on the situation. If the European economy collapses in October, then expect the Wall Street protests to get worse. Angry and violent people will get the upper hand. Then it will spread. These are tender times. Maybe we don't realize it.

The independent news media reporters who dare to cover the protests are also being arrested. And having their cameras destroyed. That also is not being reported by the major corporate media. Where else are these protests taking place? Chicago? Our American media are eager to report protests in foreign countries - and even inform us that the news media in those countries are not covering the protests as evidence of our free press and the lack of a free press in other parts of the world. But to serve their large corporate advertisers, they cover up many news stories in this country. And it has always been this way.

The police brutality shown in this video is entirely unnecessary. It is simply angry police getting violent and not acting professionally.

Note: The Guardian link below has a video of the NY police using orange netting to corral a group of young women and then mace them.

Update Sun eve: An email invitation among Wall Street investors proposed a 4 p.m. Friday toast of champagne from the safety of the balcony of the Federal Hall - at the corner with Wall Street. See graphic of invite. The invite jokes about showering them as they need baths. And they did toast - and a video shows them laughing at the protestors. Heads up fellow Americans: the surest way to get a larger demonstration is to mock them, mace the ladies, and beat the peaceful protestors.

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David Camp

Sep 26, 2011

Marie Antoinette thought the protesters were pretty funny, too.