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Mike Pellicciotti is the one to replace the current, Trump-loving incumbent Washington State Treasurer.

Mike Pellicciotti is the one to replace the current, Trump-loving incumbent Washington State Treasurer.

“The Washington Treasurer is a state executive position in the Washington state government. As the state’s chief financial office, the treasurer manages the cash flow, investments, and debt of all major state accounts. The incumbent also serves on the State Investment Board, providing guidance for the management of long-term debt and investments.” [Source: Ballotpedia]

Not a position for which election time garners much fanfare or folderol, however, in times of financial crisis the post becomes much more important to the financial health of the state of Washington. In 2016, total votes cast for both candidates for the position of treasurer was over a half a million fewer than for other top executive races in the state such as governor, lieutenant governor, and secretary of state.

Surely, now is the time to put some fresh energy and ideas into the treasurer’s office. That is why we should support the Democratic candidate, Mike Pellicciotti and sack the Trump-supporting, Republican incumbent. We need a treasurer who will work for voters, not corporations. We need a state treasurer with integrity, who can act creatively and ambitiously as a great voice for equity and open, clean, and responsible government. We need a treasurer who actually shows up for meetings that are at the heart of the position he holds. And we need a Treasurer who does not dismiss, out of hand, the idea of public banking.

Mike Supports Veterans' Rights
Mike Supports Our Veterans

As Assistant Attorney General, Mike returned $30 million to Washington taxpayers by managing the prosecution of corporate health care fraud and elder abuse. As a legislator, he led campaign finance reforms, including passing a law to remove “dark money” from politics. He introduced legislation to increase penalties for corporate crime and to close the lobbyist revolving door in Washington. Mike is a long-time supporter of the rights of our military veterans.

Perhaps most impressively, Mike has spurned all corporate campaign contributions. He won the primary with 53% of the vote, and we want to help him maintain that lead. Consequently, the opposition party is working hard to keep the treasurer’s seat.

Mike is running a grassroots campaign, unlike his opponent. Moreover, Mike is running a fully digital voter outreach campaign. He needs our help to ensure he can reach voters across the state. More than ever, we need your help to ensure that Mike keeps his lead and wins in November. (See his campaign website here and his debate with his Republican opponent here.)

Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson has this to say about Mike:

“I’m supporting Mike Pellicciotti because Washingtonians need an independent Treasurer who works for the people and shows up for the job. As an Assistant Attorney General in my office, I know Mike well. He puts people first by prosecuting financial crimes. As a State Representative, Mike is leading the fight for increased government transparency, smart economic growth, and fiscal accountability. Mike won the Primary Election—but his Trump-supporting opponent just dropped over $140,000 into TV ads. In other words, he is going to try and buy this race. In contrast, Mike doesn’t accept any corporate contributions. He relies on people like you to fuel his grassroots campaign.”

With so much on the line this November, you can support Mike Pellicciotti on Tuesday, October 6th at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom. Click here to RSVP for the event.

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Kit Muehlman

Sep 28, 2020

We must elect Mike Pelliciotti, He’s smart, experienced, and he’s dedicated to working for the public good. He also needs our financial support, as he has refused corporate donations. That means it’s more work to campaign for donations, and now is the time to step up.



Dick Conoboy

Sep 28, 2020


It is also odd that our Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, is a Repblican.  This is the office that ensures the integrity of our voting system.  I will be voting for Rep. Gael Tarleton, a Democrat, to move into that position in January.  A huge turnout of Democrats on November 3rd could put Tarleton into the Secretary of State Office.

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