Very quietly, more and more liberals are

telling me they are voting for Brett Bonner for mayor. Some very prominent ones - but they are not going public. Why not? Fear of retaliation.

Why are they against Mark? Two reasons in general.

1. He is duplicitous as he runs City Hall from behind closed doors, cutting deals and ensuring his own power. Liberals are realizing that hearings and council consideration of issues only happen after the deals are put together. Mark brings many things to the council in “emergency” form, such as the land deal on Division Street a few months ago that was a gift for a personal friend of Mark’s. Remember?

2. He does not actually accomplish any liberal projects. Lake Whatcom is not protected and Mark has undermined several “environmental” projects that would have protected it. Neighborhoods have to defend themselves against Mark’s closely controlled Planning Department. Birchwood, Whatcom Falls, Happy Valley, Lettered Streets - and even the Edgemore neighborhoods have all been blindsided by Mark’s “liberal” Planning Department. We now learn the subsidies for all that downtown construction are coming out of our pockets and going into the pockets of Mark’s friends, the owners of the Barkley Village.

Sharon Crozier has a second commentary on her views of Mark and Brett. Sharon is very active, very liberal and made Lake Whatcom protection a top campaign issue in her run for Mayor. Sharon has a lot of courage. She does not come out for Brett, but her angst is very evident.

I’m liberal and am voting for Brett. To me it is shameful that liberals and Democrats will overlook serious corruption and duplicity in our Mayor just because he is a Democrat. If we liberals think we are morally superior to right wingers then we fail miserably when we wink and support a crooked politician. Privately, every liberal and Democrat I’ve talked with has agreed that Mark is terrible. But they cannot bring themselves to say it in public. Shame on them. Their silence may enable Mark to be reelected.

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