Very first PFD meeting finally scheduled

The Bellingham City Council will finally hold its very first public hearing of the Public Facilities District (PFD) proposals next Monday, May 19, 7 pm at city hall. Really - the first hearing. They have tried very hard to avoid any real public input on how we should spend $15 million and start down the road towards spending $60 to $100 million rebuilding our whole civic complex. The city council has the power to approve this without a vote of citizens - and they have been determined to do it without any troublemaking by pesky citizens.

So, now finally a hearing - thanks to a group of business persons who have been very persistent with the city. This may be just another council charade with the council voting at the close of the hearing to approve the PFD project - slam dunk. Four council members - a majority - are supposedly all for approving what mayor Mark wants. They are Louise, Barbara, John Watts and Terry. Also, expect the PFD committee to give a lengthy presentation which will drive many home with boredom before anyone has a chance to speak. Expect the PFD group to pack the meeting with their proponents. John Stark, Herald reporter, will somehow not hear those with the most critical comments. Public process, city-of-Bellingham style. I urge those concerned to attend and speak.

I would link to PFD information at city of Bellingham web site, but can find nada. You try - let me know if you find something.

For political junkies: Election news. Some of this may be false rumor. The month of May is a time for floating rumors to see what comes back.

Mayor - we hear Scott Walker, Port Commissioner, is considering. Brett Bonner is supposedly declaring later this week and will then be off the air at KGMI. Of course you know about Russ Weston, Foster Rose and Mark. All running. Tip Johnson is still thinking.

Port - Ginny Benton is running for her third term as one of three Port commissioners. Pete Zuanich Jr. is ready to declare. He works for the Port and will have name recognition courtesy of his father who served over 40 years. Travis Holland, owner of the Horseshoe Cafe, is rumored to be considering.

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