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Wendy Harris writes about the proposed $8 million concrete bridge along the Bellingham waterfront - using Greenways funds to build.

Wendy Harris writes about the proposed $8 million concrete bridge along the Bellingham waterfront - using Greenways funds to build.

Wendy Harris has a revealing article in the March issue of Whatcom Watch about the proposed boardwalk connecting Boulevard Park and the south end of Cornwall Avenue.  This is an estimated $8 million project that, in my opinion, is not needed and will hurt our waterfront environment.  Wendy's long article does a thorough examination.  The article title is "The Other Eight-Million Dollar Park Project" and starts on page 8 of the paper edition.  

The city website says construction will start this summer - 2013.  If you also think this is a complete waste of money, let your city council rep know.  

This bridge to nowhere uses Greenways funds.  Yep, our Greenways Committee and our parks department have decided to use Greenways funds to build a concrete bridge to replace a wonderful walk along the shore on the old railroad right of way.  Go figure.  This project is supposedly a lock for being built.  But in reality, our city council could vote it out of existence if they wanted to.  

So strange - the Greenways Committee could not find the money to purchase Chuckanut Ridge but can fund a concrete bridge.  Gee - I wonder if this frees up some city land at the north end of the existing trail to be sold to developers for condos?  And just how does the Greenways Committee explain this.  

Thank you Wendy for bringing this issue to some public discussion.  The Watch website does not yet enable comments, so feel free to comment on Wendy's article below.  And support the advertisers in the Watch.  They put their money into the Watch to attract business and keep the Watch publishing.  This spring marks 20 years since Sherilyn Wells, Rebecca Meloy and Lorena Haven started the Watch.  They have gone their separate ways since then but their environmental monthly newspaper lives on.  Pick up a copy.  

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Comments by Readers

Delaine Clizbe

Mar 18, 2013

I agree with Wendy!  This is a complete waste of money!  I looked over the plans for the waterfront that was in the paper.  My only comment is this stupid bridge.  I think it is unnecessary as the railroad trail is right there, it is an unneeded eyesore on our waterfront and a complete waste of taxpayer money.  I run on the waterfront weekly…..and I don’t see a need for this!


Bill Black

Mar 18, 2013

  There are currently hard copies of the latest Watch available at the downtown public library, the Public Market and the Community Food Co-op.


Clayton Petree

Mar 20, 2013

I agree, the overwater walkway is a bad use of our money and $8 MILLION!?!?  We have a nice trail that serves the same function.  If only they would trim the trees again or at least some of them.

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