Uneducated and misinformed

Rick Larsen's attitude towards those citizens who are against the war in Iraq is exposed. In the case against Ellen Murphy by US Rep. Rick Larsen and the city of Bellingham, here is a statement from the sworn affidavit of Carol Cates.

"I volunteered for Rick Larsen from March 4, 2004 to nearly the end of November, 2004. I was in contact with Mr. Larsen, his staff, including his chief of staff Jeff Bjornstad, during that time. I was present for many strategy sessions in his main campaign office in Everett during this time. I can say without question that Rick Larsen and his staff shared a common prejudice and bias towards folks who were adamant about stopping US military action in Iraq, and other things related to that position. He frankly exhibited complete disdain for people who felt that way. Anyone who felt that they were supporting our troops by trying to get them home and stop the killing was seen as naive and uneducated. At that time, "those folks", as well as supporters of Howard Dean, and Mr. Dean himself were considered "out in left field", "lefties", "Deaniacs", uneducated and misinformed. Mr. Larsen held the very strong attitude that "those people" should have their heads examined."

This statement is part of the public record in this case. Her affidavit was taken March 13 - a couple weeks ago. The city of Bellingham continues to spend considerable money after 5 months of prosecution of this case to convict Ellen of a serious crime for sitting in Rick Larsen's office before closing time.

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