Truthful war coverage by American Corporate media?

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Hardly. We went two days without any casualty reports. Even now, they report "killed" American soldiers, but not the total wounded. A person with a life-crippling wound is worthy of all our concern and attention. To not report wounded because they are not dead is to insult them and cheapen war. Casualties must be mounting.

It appears our military are now in panic mode. We are now being told the Gulf War One lasted 43 days and we should not expect a fast war now. False. It lasted 4 days - with 39 days of bombing first. This war had 10 years of bombing and is in the 10th day. The 7th cavalry, Custer's old outfit, is now isolated with no retreat path, insecure supply line and lack of heavy artillery. Just like Custer. Our military solution? Just bomb the hell out of the beautiful city of Baghdad. Shock and Awe. Civilian casualties? They don't count. is still being blocked by hackers - and probably our government. Reports say the FBI is "looking" into it. If FoxNews or CNN was being hacked, you can bet the FBI would have them back on line in a hour. Al-Jazeera has been down all week. The FBI doesn't want Al-Jazeera on line. Why? Because it is providing more truthful news of the war than is our American media. Many people still think we have truthful media. Our Corporate media provide war support news.

Meanwhile, protests against the war are growing all around the world. Very little reporting on that also. So - how do we know? A lot of time on the Internet. The protests are needed now more than ever - and they will be effective if continued. Will the American people turn against the war? Only if we start losing. That is what happened with Vietnam. How could we possibly lose? That was asked about Vietnam when I was in the service - and we figured we could not possibly lose against that little country. War was expected to be over in a few months.

Posting a web site like this draws the kooks out of the straw. A lot of folks want me to leave the country. They call themselves patriots. They like the war.

Also, while I do appreciate learning of new links to other good web sites, it would be nice if some of my war-protesting friends would take the time to post web sites of their own instead of just emailing me and asking that I post their information. We need more web sites by others in Bellingham that post news and opinions.

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