Those who support the war would not be too offended

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Juan Cole continues to provide the best available analysis of our Iraq involvement - at least that I have found. While his stance is not supportive of the Bush imperial goals, those in support of the war would not be too offended by reading it. Juan receives credit from major news media on a routine basis, being interviewed or referred to often.

His post of yesterday lists 10 myths about Iraq in 2006 - among which is the myth that; “The guerrillas are winning the war against US forces.” Of course, some others will not sit well with war supporters.

When our TV news channels totally fail to understand what they are reporting each day, then we should rely on those on the Internet who are credible. As an example, last night, CBS news analysed the huge street demonstrations in Iraq as being the equivalent of our smoky back-room political meetings. Such a shallow and erroneous perspective is of no use to us citizens. How we as individuals judge Iraq will influence how we each vote next November. We are served by trying to understand and not by self deceit.

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