There are a few outstanding news web sites

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that provide national and international news that is most important and not always available. One site is truthout and it depends on visitor donations to continue. No ads, no popups, no commercial sponsors. This site is one of my regular visits every day. The site is easy to scan and the articles are always of importance. They need contributions. Check out the site.

Today’s photo at truthout shows a teenage girl grimacing in pain while police in California arrest her. Most folks do not know that the police are trained in how to cause incredible pain by holding a person’s arm behind their back in a certain way - and that they do this on a routine basis. It is supposed to be for unruly persons and is called “pain compliance techniques”, but is easy to use on those the police do not like. Today’s photo at truthout shows this. I have spoken to people in Bellingham who have told how they offered no resistance to police handcuffs only to be hurt so badly they had pain for months in their arms and shoulders. It has happened with chief Randy Carroll standing by watching.

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