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Tsunami Alert - Election Predictions

Tsunami Alert - Election Predictions

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If this election were breakfast, the Democrats would be the toast. Most of us are aware that the recession lingers on and the economy is the major issue of this year’s midterm elections. But just how bad is it going to be for the party in power in our part of the country? Bad…real bad.
If you are an incumbent Republican or avowed fiscal conservative, you are safe. In the 42nd District, Ericksen wins easily. Linville falls to Buys in a squeaker. Buys makes it on the Tea Party wave. Overstreet is in as well.  
The 40th is harder to call. Morris as an incumbent wants you to believe he is an outsider in Olympia. Not likely, but he appears to be popular with the farmers in Skagit County.  I think he’ll make it, and it will be close. In another close one, Newman edges Lytton, mostly on the issue of the economy. Both are likable candidates.
On the close state races, the tax related initiatives are going to make the difference. Washingtonians don’t like the idea of an income tax and they don’t trust Olympia. Candy tax and even the local Transportation District tax in Bellingham will result in an even stronger turnout for the fiscal conservatives. It is just the wrong year to be asking the voters to raise their own taxes. That makes the local Democrats look like they are walking on hot tar. They just can’t shake the issue of the economy and the perception of gluttony held by many citizens.
If Rick Larsen were just running in Whatcom County, he could have folded his tent early. Even though national polls think his seat is relatively safe, he really botched the town hall meeting last year. He came across as arrogant. Many liberals will have to hold their noses as well to vote for him because of his war votes. I think he is done. Koster gets in with an upset. Rossi beats Murray…Patty has that problem with the hot tar.
 Once again this country’s political leadership doesn’t understand the sentiments of the people, or they just don’t care. Bush lost us and now Obama has as well. National and state leadership have been unable to convince the voter they can correct the problems with our economy. They have also failed to inspire us. In fact, their politics as usual has dis-inspired us and made voters committed to cleaning house. That cleaning will be deep this year.
Regardless of political philosophy, voters don't like to be ignored, insulted or abused.  Politicians, government officials and "leaders" in the private sector who ignore their customers (i.e. voters), ultimately incur the wrath of those customers.  Candidates beware!

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