The war is wreaking havoc on all

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Armed Service veterans are twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians. Just another intangible cost of the insane war in Iraq. (It applies to all male vets from all our recent wars.) Counting just those actually killed in combat is sooo misleading. The war is wreaking havoc on all those who serve there in the forms of broken bodies for life for over 30,000, mental trauma for life for uncounted tens or possibly hundreds of thousands and who knows what other awful effects on their loved ones - parents, siblings, spouses, children and friends.

Counting just the 3,500 killed and saying the war is not that bad is just so childish - so like teenage logic that justifies most any behavior with some rationale. If you are against this insane war then write Rick Larsen and tell him. Write him every week. Tell him unless he speaks out now and changes his course of support that you will vote for his opponent in 2008. That is all he understands. It is litmus test time. And we can all help stop this.

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