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The Rich Get Richer or How Imperial Globalization Serves the Elites at the Expense of the American Workers

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A little remarked-upon factor of the troubles in Ferguson, MO, is that Emerson Electric was the main employer in that town from the 1890’s until the globalization binge of the last thirty years. I still own a chainsaw built by an Emerson subsidiary in 1979 - by American workers. Now this brand is built in China by Chinese workers, and the workers in Ferguson relegated to also-rans in the global race to the bottom of worker wages. This is just an example of a pervasive trend - the offshoring of manufacturing labor in search for higher profits. Consider this: “the U.S. trade deficit has exploded, rising from just over 1 percent of GDP in 1996 to almost 6 percent in 2005. The rise has coincided with the loss of more than 3 million manufacturing jobs, roughly 20 percent of employment in the sector”

What are the political consequences of this sellout of the people by its elites? Well, I’ve been seeing “Deplorables for Trump” signs out in the cow recently - people wearing the contempt the globalizing elites represented by Mrs. Clinton hold for them as a badge of honor. How is it that the party nominally of the working class has become the party of the technocratic elite? Does it perhaps represent the victory of capital and the neo-liberal ideology over the entire political process?

The extreme and increasing level of inequality in our society are not natural - see the video for an eye-opener - and are the root cause of much of the social unrest we are currently experiencing. It is indeed unfortunate that the government which should be moderating the greed of the elites has instead been captured utterly by them for their own enrichment and to hell with the deplorables.

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