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Hello Loyal Readers,

I'm putting together my game plan for 2012 (i.e. what events to cover, how much time to devote to this blog, what I should do to make rent each month, etc) and I need your input to help make it happen. Please please please take my reader's survey, it is only five measly questions and it would help guide how this blog will grow.

Here is the link, thank you so much!

Over this last year, The Political Junkie has gone from a paltry 800 hits a month to over 7,000 hits a month. We have crashed a Tea Party rally, done thrilling live-blogging coverage from the County Courthouse on filing day, the primary night and of course, election night. We've dug deep through internal documents of the City of Bellingham, debunked some misleading political mailers, and pointed out some hypocrisy from our local radio host.

Thank you all for your support this year, I really appreciate it. Again, taking the survey would be very helpful for figuring out what to do next year.

As always, you can financially support the efforts here at The Political Junkie with a donation here.

Don't worry, we will still have more articles to come this year. The final results of the redistricting commission are due soon, and there are a few more surprises in store, but I wanted to get the survey out before everyone got completely enveloped in their holiday season.

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