The Political Junkie covers the Tea Party forum

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Citizen Journalist • Member since Aug 10, 2009

Riley Sweeney, raised in the Pacific Northwest, moved to Bellingham during the Bush years, worked on a cross-section of political campaigns during the Obama years, and then fled to the [...]

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John Servais

Jul 20, 2012

Riley, being the very polite guy he is, asked about putting up this link and promo piece.  Well, I’m delighted to have NWCitizen readers linked to his fine writing and perspectives. 

Riley sometimes writes for NWCitizen, but mostly he is working hard on his Political Junkie blog.  He is under 30 and I’m over 70 - and I think he is the future of good political information for our Whatcom community.  I wish we had even 2 or 3 others like him.  We need more citizens who are willing to attend meetings, interview public persons, and write with a point of view.

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