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Diego Garcia is small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Today it is a major US military base - and has no other inhabitants. But 40 years ago it was not ours and had a couple thousand inhabitants. How the people were illegally expelled and how the island became ours is a story you have probably never heard.

One benefit of the Internet is we can link around the world to news that our governments have tried to keep secret. I picked this up on another blog and can link you to it from here. If you post a website then please consider linking to this story or to more information on this. Our country - our USA - is a partner to many crimes against peoples around the world. We need to inform ourselves and then work as citizens to stop the crimes of our government. We need to elect decent representatives from city through county, state and national. We citizens need to speak out against the crimes and madness of our governments.

The people want to return to the island and have been fighting in British courts for years for that right. The US Air Force used the island for long-range bombers to fly over Iraq, Afghanistan and will be the base for bombing Iran. Of course the people will not be allowed to return. Regardless of the courts. The island may also be a location of one of our secret torture prisons.

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