The Marijuana Bowl

Super Bowl … Weed Bowl … This bud’s for you … Bong Bowl … Marijuana Bowl … whatever. It is on!

Super Bowl … Weed Bowl … This bud’s for you … Bong Bowl … Marijuana Bowl … whatever. It is on!


Too funny to ignore. Checking news web sites in the hour after the Seahawks win shows only the British and the online Seattle PI willing to point out the elephant in the room. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, representing Colorado and Washington states, the only two states in the Union to legalize the enjoyment of marijuana, have their teams in the Super Bowl. Awesome.  

Well, the straight laced media may choke on the entertainment value of this, but I'll bet the next two weeks reveal much fun in alternative media. And it will very effectively put this issue of a benign and enjoyable smoke right in front of all Americans and others around the world. The criminalization of weed would be a minor comedy except for the absurdly serious imprisonment of thousands - hundreds of thousands - of innocent and law abiding citizens. And the absurd reluctance of local police and elected officials everywhere to get real and accept the legalization of pot.  

Weed Bowl, Bong Bowl, Stoner Bowl, and of course -  This Bud's for You. All too  funny. Really nice.  

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Riley Sweeney

Jan 20, 2014

Let me be blunt, the Seahawks are going to smoke the Broncos. I mean, that score is going to be really really high.

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