The dead are blessed

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3,000 service persons killed in Iraq? Oh we are beyond that - up to 3,002 this morning - and could climb past 4,000 this year if we ‘stay the course’. More telling for me is we are approaching 50,000 casualties of all sorts - and if we include the deaths then we will reach 50,000 in a week or so. However a young American service kid is injured - by mental breakdown, suicide, self inflicted wound, helicopter crash, half the brains blown out, loss of eyes, loss of limbs by any cause - it is a tragedy. The dead are blessed.

The wounded face coming home to a government of GW that has systematically stripped them of their benefits and is tossing them into the arms of their families without sufficient support. From big things to little things, the Republican Congress and the Bush administration have shit upon our returning veterans - both the wounded and their families.

Minor example; housing allowances for military families at the Everett Naval Base have been reduced for 2007. The Pentagon says their ‘calculations’ show the costs have gone down. These poor enlisted families are struggling. Gentle reader, to you think the housing rental costs are going down?

Regardless of your position on the war - we should support the young people who are in the service and we should care for the wounded. Instead our corporate news media ignore this real news and do not make us painfully aware of how tragic are the lives of our returning injured service veterans.

In this new year, I will try to put our local US Representative, Rick Larsen, on the spot regarding his positions, his statements, his lack of statements and his votes on issues from Veteran care to increased troops in Iraq. We will keep a scorecard on him and hold him accountable in two years. Rick has his staff read this website regularly and he will know this week of my intention.

Rick - first question: What is your view on the idea of increasing the number of troops in Iraq? Post your answer on your website and I will link.

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