The Clintons: I suddenly have a problem

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Below is a link to an opinion piece in today’s Los Angeles Times. It is written by a liberal - obviously a Democrat - and one who has supported the Clintons all these years. I also have supported them all these years - but this past week has me reconsidering all that. This editorial says it much better than I could. There is no name of an author but is written in the first person.

Bill Clinton’s attacks on Barack Obama this past week were distastful at a minimum and way below what a former President should ever indulge in. Hillary’s tears the morning before the New Hampshire primary seemed completely put on and fake to me. Their actions seem to suggest they will do anything - anything - to win. And in moving that way, they have just lost me. But, like I said, the Times opinion piece says it better than I can.

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Jan 26, 2008

The author of the opinion piece is Jonathan Chait.  He in named in what I haphazardly thought was the last paragraph.  Thanks to two readers.